How do I feed (charge) Qoobo?

Qoobo operates on a rechargeable battery. Plug the charging cable's jack firmly into the charger port located adjacent to the base of Qoobo's tail.

What environment is best suited for Qoobo?

Qoobo can be used in homes, offices, stores, and other types of facilities. It cannot be used in hot and humid conditions or exposed to constant vi...

Can I sit on Qoobo?

Please do not sit or stand on the cushion/tail. Qoobo likes to be cuddled and gently petted.

For what ages is Qoobo designed?

Qoobo is designed for use by all ages, except for babies. Please do not allow children and disabled individuals unaccompanied access to the product.

What is the filling material for Qoobo?

The filling is a fluffy material composed of acrylic and polyester.

What is the outside made of?

It is made of a faux fur material.

Is there a way to buy Qoobo other than online?

We do not currently support purchasing methods other than online, but there is a possibility that it will be sold in stores in the future.

Can you wash Qoobo?

Yes. If the Qoobo is heavily soiled, please remove the fur cover, soak in lukewarm water with mild laundry detergent, and gently wash with hands. T...