Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Distributor's name Yukai Engineering Inc.
Representative Shunsuke Aoki
16-11 Tomihisa-cho
Musashiya Sky Building, Suite #101
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0067
Phone number 03-6380-4710
Office hours Mon-Fri: 11:00-17:00 (Except national and seasonal holidays)
Web site address
Price of goods and services Specified for each product and service
Necessary charges other than price of goods Consumption tax, shipping fees
Delivery time, shipping method Specified for each product
Payment method Credit card
Sales volume limit Specified for each product
Defective product If a product is believed to be defective, the purchaser may return it, along with all accessories, to receive an equivalent product. Yukai Engineering does not provide a refund for defective products.

Products that have not been opened may be returned within 10 days after the purchase. Any cost associated with returns shall be paid for by the customer. A refund is made following an inspection of the product and confirmation that it has not been used or opened. Refunds could be delayed due to card processing. If a returned product is believed to have been opened and/or used, it will be returned to the customer by collection-on-delivery shipping services. In case the customer refuses to accept the shipment, the item cannot be returned to Yukai Engineering, and the company shall not be responsible for the shipping cost.

Product specifications & notes for users

Description of listed products may not include all cautionary notes for users. Yukai Engineering recommends that customers check the company’s website or contact the company for additional information on product specifications before placing orders.

Product damage due to shipment

In case damage to a product occurs during shipment, the customers must obtain acknowledgement of the damage from the delivery company in writing. Yukai Engineering will then provide the customer with a replacement.